1. breakdownpress:

    Mutiny Bay by Antoine Cosse, coming this summer from Breakdown Press.


  2. in progress, new book with Retrofit.

  3. extract.

  4. Mutiny Bay, extract.

  5. another extract from my happiness strip.. 

  6. antoinecosse:

    You can buy J.1137 here

    Published by Breakdown Press, 60 pages.

    J.1137 on sale there

  7. First parisian post.

  8. new book for retrofit started…still work in progress..

    Will have to finish it after my move to France.


  9. A nice review of my comic Kiddo, that you can get here

  10. Mutiny Bay extract, coming soon.

  11. snakeoily:

    OILY / SPRING / 2014 UPDATE 3/20/14

    How about that gif that Alex Schubert made for us? Pretty cool, huh?

    Wanted to give everyone an update on the Spring Oily Bundle. I missed my shipping date on Monday. Because, well, my comic wasn’t finished and some other pieces weren’t ready to go yet. These things happen. I’m sorry but it will be worth the extra wait. I’ve also had some printing troubles with the risograph. I had to dismantle both my red and blue drums to get them fixed and running. You can see the blue drum below. Messy business. Everything in my life is blue now. Especially my hands. I got everything up and running again last night so I expect to finish off the printing today. There is still a mountain of folding and stapling to do. I was hoping to get them in the mail by tomorrow but in all likelihood I will probably need the weekend to get it all done. So let’s say I hope to be at the post-office monday morning with 170+ envelopes of sweetness and depravity. 

    Thank you for your patience. It does not go unnoticed. 

    If you still haven’t ordered a bundle. There are only 25 left to claim. Don’t sleep on it. 



    The Lizard Laughed (28 pages) by Noah Van Sciver 
    Word and Voice 11 by Aaron Cockle 
    Ox & Co. by Jeff Lok 
    Luv Sucker One by Charles Forsman
    Cut-Away Comics #2 by Dan Zettwoch
    A Very Special Lou by Melissa Mendes
    Crash Trash by Olive Booger

    Nick Drnaso 
    Antoine Cosse 
    Jessica Campbell 
    Envelope by Alex Schubert


  12. snakeoily:

    Check it out! Antoine Cosse’s print for the Oily Spring Bundle just came in. I will be printing this image on the risograph and it will only be available if you order the oily bundle

  13. Extract of Mutiny Bay, coming soon from Breakdown Press

  14. snakeoily:

    OILY still has some fight left, you chumps.

    Announcing the first Oily Bundle for Spring 2014

    This pre-sale helps make sure the artists are paid and we can offset the cost of printing and supplies. Think of it as kickstarter without the kicking. 
    Bundle will begin Shipping March 17th, 2014 
    Limited to 200 pieces. Prints and envelope are exclusive to the bundle.

    The Lizard Laughed (28 pages) by Noah Van Sciver 
    Word and Voice 11 by Aaron Cockle 
    Ox & Co. by Jeff Lok 
    title TK by Charles Forsman

    Nick Drnaso 
    Antoine Cosse 
    Jessica Campbell 
    Bundle Envelope by Alex Schubert


    Tell your friends

    P.S. I hope to add a few more items in the next few weeks to sweeten the pot.

  15. klaus-comics:

    A drawing for Antoine Cosse. Antoine’s blog is here.

    Antoine is probably the best cartoonist in England at the minute, although he’s moving back to France soon. You can see Antoine talking at Gosh! in Soho on 5th March, with Joe Kessler, Zoe Taylor and the suits of Breakdown Press.